Privacy Policy

We treat, with great care and respect, all the information that you share with us during sessions. It is your legal right that our sessions and our records about you be kept confidential. This privacy is also protected by the ethics of our profession. There are a few situations, however, in which we cannot ensure that your confidentiality will be protected. These include but are not limited to:

  • If you are involved in legal proceedings, our records could be subpoenaed and/or we could be asked to testify in court;

  • If you make a serious threat to harm yourself or another person, the law requires us to try to protect you or that other person. This usually means telling others about the threat, for example, the police.

  • If we believe that a child has been, or will be, abused or neglected, we are legally required to report this to authorities.

  • If some or all of your therapy is being covered by an insurance company, we may be obliged to provide basic information to them (for example, the dates we have met; presenting problems; a treatment plan and possibly your progress).

Additionally, in the interest of continuity of care, we may ask your permission to speak to other members of your care team (for example, your Physician). This will always be discussed with you prior to any correspondence and we will secure your express, written consent before talking to any other care providers.

The terms and limits of confidentiality are clearly stated in our “Limits of Confidentiality” form. All new clients must read, understand and consent to these terms. Additionally, there will be an opportunity to review and discuss these terms in first appointments.

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